Mabscott Baptist Church

Reaching the World one soul at a time.

The Ladies' Prayer Group

The Ladies' Prayer Group meets every Tuesday of the month, at 10:30 AM, at the church. We take prayer requests and we have prayer. We also study the Bible using books written by Vernon McGee. Additionally, we fix cards, for those who are sick or in need of encouragement, in which all of the ladies sign their names. We get such a blessing, when someone tells us they received our card and they tell us how it helped them. Finally, we have prayer and dismiss at 12:00 to go have lunch with the men who were out visiting. We then all go to various nursing homes to sing. Click here for the more information on the church's visitation programs.

Meet the Girls

From L to R:Jessie Davis,  Alice Daniel, Bertha McMillion,  Frances Conner, Patty Beckett, Maria Crosley, Brenda Ellison,  and Diana Bennett